Comcast why are you like that?

Ok so we received a Comcast call saying that they were going to send us a cable box we didn’t order. We don’t even have cable. We cancelled our cable service a while ago. Not sure why we were receiving such a call. So we didn’t pay much mind to it and we thought it was some sort of mistake.

Several days later they sent a cable box. We opened it to see what it was and it was indeed the cable box they said they would send. Maybe we should have called earlier to tell them not to send one. We thought that if we didn’t use it, they would not charge us. Now a couple weeks later they sent us a letter saying that they noticed that we disconnected the cable box and that if we do not return it before a certain date, we will have to pay $50. Are you serious!?!? You’re the one who put it there to begin with. Come on Comcast! So now we have to return the box. We can’t mail it in because it’s so freakin’ heavy. We don’t want to drive over there because it is so far. My dad called and they weren’t any help. The only thing they told us was another location we could return it to. And the option of having someone come by the house to pick it up would cost about $25. That’s half of what the box costs :/ It’s really ridiculous. Why send a box we didn’t order and charge for us if we didn’t return it at the right time?

If any of you guys have had the same experience feel free to share.

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