Review: 1st Shop of Coffee Prince


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Episode 1:

This is one of the first Korean Dramas I’ve seen and in my top 5 favorites when it comes to dramas. It stars Eun Hye and I love her. I really love the roles that she plays. She always looks classy and her characters are very likable. The drama is about a girl (Eun Chan) who is mistaken as a boy every where she goes. The first episode starts with Eun Chan on a motor bike on her way to deliver food to a women’s bath house. As she walks in the women noticed a short haired individual so they immediately assume that it’s a man. They yell at her and are shocked that a man would just walk in without any shame. They start throwing their towels at her and push her out of the bath house without paying. She rushes back in to get her money and proceeds to take her out her helmet to show them that she is really a girl. They still don’t believe her which makes her even more frustrated.

The scene changes and you see Han Kyul playing cards with girl he meets on the plane. It seems as though he is enjoying himself. The girl asks him if he wanted to play cards with her again when they reach Seoul (where they are headed) and he tells her that there is no reason for them to meet again. Han Kyul is a bit of a playboy as you can see. At his place he has a phone conversation with his mother and you see that Eun Chan is on her way to deliver food to him. He tells her to leave the food on the table. Han Kyul also thinks that Eun Chan is a boy because he doesn’t even cover up when she shows up.

(I’m going to skip a few scenes because they aren’t really that important in telling you gist of the story.) When Han Kyul gets home, he is lectured by his grandmother. She has cancer and I’m assuming she wants him to be responsible and do something with his life before she dies. She even sent him to school to learn business management but it looks as though he is just playing around. He has credit card debts and he just doesn’t take life seriously. She also wants him to be settled and married which he isn’t at this point. Han Kyul is in love with his friend Yoo Joo who used to be dating his other friend Han Sung. (By the way, I don’t remember the details of the later episodes. The only reason why I remember the first episode is because I’m watching it right now as I’m writing this post.)

Han Kyul calls up Yoo Joo the next day and asks her if she wants to meet. They have a nice night and he takes her home. He tells her to wait by his car while he goes up to his apartment to get gifts he got her while he was overseas. Meanwhile, Eun Chan is about to deliver food again when she sees a man on a motor bike rob Yoo Joo as she is standing by Han Kyul’s car. She falls and Han Kyul goes to her aid. Eun Chan chases down the thief and manages to get her purse back from him. She recognized the thief as the guy who likes his sister. She is shocked to find out that she knows him. She scolds him and asks him why he stole the purse and he tells her that he wanted to pay for her sister’s music school fees. She doesn’t want him to get in trouble so she decides to put on an act so that he can flee the scene. Her acting wasn’t convincing enough, however. Han Kyul finds this suspicious and accuses her of being an accomplish of the crime just to get money for the maintenance of her motor bike. In the process of trying to get Yoo Joo’s purse back, Eun Chan’s bike is ruined and her boss berates her for it. He tells her to pay for the bike and he fires her as well. The bike is $10,000 and she has to figure out a way to get the money to pay her boss back.

Yoo Joo meets up with her old boyfriend, Han Sung. She tells him that she misses him but he doesn’t want to talk to her.

Eun Chan get’s a job at a restaurant where Han Kyul and Han Sung are eating at. Her uniform requires her to wear high heels which she isn’t used to. After the finished eating, Han Kyul goes home and Han Sung sees Eun Chan singing as she is taking out the trash. Since she is dressed as a girl, he is the only one in the show so far who recognizes her as such. Eun Chan recognizes him because she delivers milk to his house. The get to talking and seem to get along well.

The next day Eun Chan decides to go to Han Kyul to get the money for her bike. She was debating whether or not to do it because of her pride, but she decides to go to him because she doesn’t think she can get enough money on her own. He tells her that she looks like a girl but then asks her if she has joined the army yet. She starts to tell him that she is a girl but stops herself because she doesn’t think that he will believe her. So she says no. He tricks her and she ends up pretty much telling him that she knows who thief is. He lectures her about how that is now how life works. They get into an argument and he kicks her out without paying her.

So, I mentioned before that Han Kyul’s grandmother wants to see him married before she dies. His mom calls him up and tells him to go on these blind dates with several women. He, of course, hates the idea. Eun Chan goes to where Han Kyul is and, again, asks for money. Han Kyul  hatches a plan and he asks Eun Chan if she wants to be his lover so that his mother will stop fixing him up with random girls.

The rest of the show [SPOILERS]:

So eventually, Eun Chan gets a job at a coffee shop owned by Han Kyul. Slowly the characters find out the Eun Chan is actually a girl. The relationship between Eun Chan and Han Kyul gets more complicated as she starts to have feelings for him. Han Kyul also develops feelings for Eun Chan and this gets him really confused. He starts thinking that maybe he is becoming gay. Yoo Joo starts dating Han Sung again but their relationship is a bit shaky because Han Sung develops feelings for Eun Chan. So at some point, both Han Kyul and Han Sung like Eun Chan. Aside from the romance portion of the show, you find out that Eun Chan becomes really passionate about coffee and wants to someday become a barista. She learns all she can about coffee. Later on, when Han Kyul finds out that Eun Chan is a girl, he becomes upset and refuses to speak to her. They eventually reconcile. Eun Chan is offered a great opportunity to go to  school in Italy with the help of Han Kyul’s grandmother. At the end you see Han Kyul interviewing a girl for a position at his coffee shop. Eun Chan is seen entering the coffee shop dressed as a girl and she has a new hairdo. When the girl he is interviewing leaves, she bangs on the counter behind him to get his attention. He recognizes her voice and turns around to see that she has changed a lot. She walks up to his table and he is just staring at her because she has changed her look completely. She tells him that she came for an interview for the job position. They get to talking and she hugs him and tells him that she misses him. They go to the coffee shop where she gets to see her old friends. The show ends with Han Kyul making coffee for Eun Chan. It is inaudible at this point but you see them talking over coffee.


I loved the chemistry between Han Kyul and Eun Chan. They were great together in this show. I liked how this was only 17 episodes. The light-hearted nature of this show made it fun to watch. Eun Chan is lovable character. She is tomboyish and childish at the same time. She has an endearing quality about her. This was the first Yoon Eun-Hae drama I watched and after this I wanted to see more from her.

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  1. NVkatherine says:

    I really this film ^^ I’ve watched it several times, such a cute story 😀


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