Being Shy

I’ve always been a shy person. One of my friends described me as outgoing but it’s hard for me to picture myself that way because I’ve always seen myself as timid and introverted. I guess that’s where the problem is, the way I view myself. Back in grade school I had my sister with me so we hung out a lot and we had our own circle of friends. We didn’t really worry about being loners just because we had each other. And it’s not like I didn’t talk to other people. I was more outgoing with my friends as how it always is with everyone. I was talking to one of the teachers who works at the high school I went to and he told me that I was very quiet and didn’t really talk to anyone. I wasn’t really a confident person and now I’m trying to break out of that shell. I was a bit nerdy back then and I didn’t really like wearing girly clothes. I had my hair tied most of the time and wore pants. It wasn’t until college that I actually dressed better. I even started wearing a little bit of make up. I don’t now though just because I don’t think I really need it. I started letting my hair down and changed my fashion. A friend of mine helped me. I guess it was in college that I began to find myself and figure out who I was. I guess you could say that I lived sort of a sheltered life when I was younger. I didn’t date until I was in college. The years I spent in college (right after high school) were very memorable and I learned a lot of things. Even now I’m learning a lot with life’s experiences.

It was Nursing though, that changed me the most. The things we had to do, like talking to complete strangers, helped me grow as a person. I got louder, I used to be really quiet. I spoke out more, I didn’t use to do that. I became more confident in myself. That’s why I always believe in the saying that things happen for a reason even though we do not see the reason at first. The things that happened and the people I met changed who I was into the person I am today. Now, I’m not saying that I’m not introverted anymore. I’m still a little bit on the introverted side but I know I’m not the same person I was.

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