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There was a time when women were not even accepted into the world of men. They were stuck in the home taking care of the children, making dinner and cleaning the house. We’ve gone a long way from that but in some ways, some people still think that women don’t fit in properly along with “the guys.” It is clear in some advertisements that they still think women are incapable of buying electronics on their own or the only games they play are fashion games or puzzle games. As much as I enjoy playing Professor Layton, I actually like playing Castlevania, 999, Bioshock and The World Ends With You. Those games, in my opinion, have more substance. Game recommendations should include a variety and not just games with Disney Princesses in it or a fashionista. It’s completely ridiculous. Try to branch out. Guys complain that their girlfriends do not play enough games with them. Advertisements of crappy fashion games won’t cut it. What is the motivation to keep playing them? Aside from that, there is also a problem with the image girls who play games have. From what I see, most of the games “gamer girls” are associated with now are FPS or puzzle games. It’s like they have extreme gamer girls and then you have those who are not. I’m sure there is an in between but they are not mentioned as much. This makes the image of girls in gaming a little shallow. There are plenty of girls who play retro games and others on YouTube. Also, it doesn’t help when some girls pose provocatively and cosplay but they themselves do not play games. It really doesn’t give a good image does it? Those girls make it difficult for guys to take those girls who actually play games more seriously. In this day and age, there are still guys who think that girls playing games is weird. Grow up and get used to it because more girls are getting into gaming.

Samsung Debuts Its New Flagship Smartphone, The Galaxy S IV

Recently I saw this conference type thing for Samsung and their new phone, the Galaxy S4. Now I’m not sure who planned this whole thing out but it was absolutely absurd. It was kind of insulting. In the presentation, they had several girls say why they liked the air gesture feature of the phone. One of the women said that it was because their nails are wet. As you can see in the picture, they portrayed woman as morons basically. Maybe they were joking, but I’m not sure what they wanted viewers to get from this disastrous scenario. Is this really how Samsung views women? Or is it mocking the view others have of women? Hopefully it is the latter because this really irked me. However, seeing as they have other commercials showing women in the same light, they probably think that women are completely useless when it comes to technology. The commercial about the Samsung Captive was, hm, how should I put this…annoying at best. It showed this girl yapping and yapping. He boy friend gets so annoyed that he gave her his phone and told her that there were games and movies in it. She immediately shuts up and concentrates on the phone. Really? Come on? That’s the best you could think of? Samsung needs to get a little more creative here because the idea of portraying women like this is getting stale.

Let me know if you see any other companies doing this. I’m sure there are others. Feel free to leave comments 🙂

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  1. theheartoftasi says:

    Hmm where should I start off? Lol. One thing that really grinds my gears is when girls play one game of cod or something and then posts a pic or status update on fb saying how much of a gamer they are. I mean come on, how lame can you get? I think its those girls that kind of give us a bad rep. If my husband ever did that to me like the samsung commercial I’d be pretty offended. But commercials that cater to women about cleaning or other things sometimes make men look dumb. So its kind of a two way street. I really love my galaxy s3 so ill forgive them this time. Haha.


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