Love at First Sight

Is there really such a thing. Sometimes we might think that we have fallen in love but have we really? Is it lust that is at work here? Have we just fallen in love with the image? I think this is true. I have seen this phrase thrown around before, “Lust at first sight.” How can you love someone you have never met? You cannot love the person as a whole if you have never seen them and talked to them in person. So to find out if there is such a thing as love at first sight we must first ask ourselves what we think love is. Love isn’t just loving how the person looks. It isn’t just all the intimate stuff. Love has ups and downs. Love has a dark side. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns like it is in fairytales and Disney movies. Love has a deeper meaning than that. Love comes from memories. Love at first sight does not exist. What do you know of the person right now that you love? Their looks? The sound of their voice? You might love those two things but that does not count as real love. Love comes from knowing, accepting, sacrificing. What have you sacrificed by this one chance encounter with this “love at first” sight of yours?

I know I’m dissecting this light-hearted phrase to death but I had the urge to write about love. As always, comments are welcome. What do you think about this topic? Does love at first sight exist?

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  1. Ophie says:

    Yes I believe it does. But I think we can have a fairy tail image of love most of the time. It is possible to meet someone and have an instant connection. The connection could be love, lust, hate, pity or even just friendship. Now I know when I say that you may think “doesn’t that take time, don’t two people have to share parts of themselves top become friends or even lovers”. No, we as humans can make a deeper connection sometimes with out ever saying a word. Not to say that it doesn’t take a little work to develope our feelings even more no matter what they are. You are, right love is not all rainbows and unicorns it takes work but that beginning spark yes it starts in an instant. There does not have to be any words…it is just there. You don’t have to work at it because if you do you will be forever working at it. Our spirits can speak to each other and sometimes we need to listen.


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