Review: I Miss You



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Eun Hye and Micky Yoochun star in this drama. Whenever Eun Hye stars in a drama, I want to see it. This show is pretty short with its 21 episodes. These are my favorites because they are quick to watch and I can watch another one right after. The story is pretty sad and centers on one traumatic event that Eun Hye’s character, Soo Yeon, experiences as a young girl. Episode one confused me a little because so many things happened at once. Later on, though, the show slows down a bit and the viewer gets a chance to catch up and process what has happened. This isn’t going to be as detailed but I am going to tell you guys the gist of the story so you can figure out if you want to see it or not.

Soo Yeon had been labeled a murderer’s daughter when she was younger. Her dad was accused of being a serial killer and the neighbors hated them. Soo Yeon was not only being bullied by her school mates and her neighbors, but she was also abused by her father. Micky’s character, Jung Woo is from a rich family but he never felt like he belonged there. He had moved and started attended Soo Yeon’s school. He talked to her and wanted to be her friend. He was curious and wanted to get to know more about her. Once he found out about her father being a murderer, he distanced himself from her for  a little bit because that news took him by surprise. Eventually they become friends and he even defended her at school. He started hanging out with her more even though Soo Yeon didn’t want him to just to protect him.

There is another boy in the picture. He used to be living at Jung Woo’s house and seemed like a prisoner. I was never really sure why he was there and didn’t really care much to be honest, because I was more interested in Jung Woo and Soo Yeon. But I think it was all about money. The boy’s name is Hyung Joon. So Hyung Joon was being held hostage by Jung Woo’s father, Tae Joon. Hyung Joon’s mother told his nurse to escape with him. It so happens that the place the nurse and Hyung Joon go to is in the area of where Soo Yeon lives.

Tae Joon sends Hyung Joon’s mother to the mental institution. Hyung Joon then planned on getting Tae Joon’s son kidnapped so that he would leave her son alone and stop looking for him. As Jung Woo is being kidnapped and pulled into a van, Soo Yeon bangs on the door. She yells for them to let him out. The door opens and she too is taken. Soo Yeon gets raped which is a terrible thing that happened to her. Jung Woo sees an opportunity to leave and he escapes. Now I don’t remember what he was thinking at that moment but I believe he was going to return to get her help. When he gets home he tells her dad that Soo Yeon was taken. He begs his father for help but his pleas fell on deaf ears. He even goes to the police station to see if they could help her. He confides in a police officer who had become Soo Yeon’s stepfather after her and her mother move out of their old home. I believe the police officer did this because they had made a mistake and were chasing the wrong guy all this time. Soo Yeon’s father was not the serial killer they were looking for. I don’t remember what happened after this but Soo Yeon ends up with Hyung Joon and his nurse. They end up hiding in this one place. The police officer gets pretty close to where they are hiding. Hyung Joon sees that someone is looking for them. He comes out of their hiding place and sticks an empty soda can underneath the break. The police officer gets into an accident and dies.

All these things that happened were in the first few episodes. Pretty much from here, the show fast forwards into the future. Soo Yeon is a fashion designer (changes her name to Zoey) and lives with Hyung Joon who has changed his name to Harry Borrison. All this time they have been living on the money his mother gave his nurse. The rest of the show focuses on Jung Woo’s broken relationship with Soo Yeon and the mysterious events that follow (which are related to what had happened earlier in the show).

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