Review: Flower Boy Next Door


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This is a cute story of a girl, Go Dok Mi who is afraid of human interaction. It is hinted that it might have been because of a traumatic event when she was younger. They show flashbacks of when she was younger and there was this bully named Do Hwi. Do Hwi and her friends used to bully her back when they went to school together. Because of this she stays in her apartment and doesn’t come out unless she really needs to. She even got a job as an editor just so she could stay in her apartment all day and never leave. She spends her mornings spying on the guy who lives across from her, Tae Joon. She watches him and imitates him as he starts his mornings. Tae Joon’s brother is a creative genius and is called Enrique Geum because he lived most of his life in Spain. Enrique decides to come to Korea to do some lectures and he happens to meet Go Dok Mi when she is outside his brother’s apartment. Go Dok Mi, while she was spying on Tae Joon, notices that he left a hot teapot on top of a table. The pot tips over and falls on the dog. She frantically calls 911 to save the dog. She even goes over to his apartment. This is where Enrique sees her.

And what is a drama without a love triangle, or a love square. Actually the shape of this romantic drama cannot be defined because it is all over the place. So far we know that Dok Mi likes Tae Joon. Then we later find out that Enrique likes his friend, Seo Young. Seo Young likes Tae Joon. We don’t know who Tae Joon likes at this point and we may not know because he is not the main focus in this show. Dok Mi’s neighbor, Jae Won, who is a cartoonist, likes Dok Mi. Then here comes Do Hwi who is infatuated with Jae Won. She really is annoying. When you first see her, you just want to punch her face. Dok Mi has no idea that Jae Won, who only lives next door, has noticed and watched her for the past 3 years. He even leaves notes on the milk that is delivered to her door. He has never said anything to her about his feelings. Only when Enrique shows up and starts hanging out with Dok Mi does he start to show his feelings a little. He is frustrated. In one scene he even yells “I was first. I noticed her first. Who the h*** is that bast***! Why is everything so easy for that bast***!” I think he should have said something to her. I have a feeling that he will end up broken hearted at the end because Enrique seems like he will be the one for Dok Mi. I feel sorry for him.

So, for this post I’m not going to have any spoilers. It took me a while to write the others. In the future I might have more that are detailed. I haven’t finished this show yet but I’m loving it so far. I’m halfway through, but I recommend it 🙂

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  1. Pongo Stick says:

    Wish I could’ve seen more of Tae Joon in this 😦


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