Bullying and Teasing

I thought of writing this from watching Sarah’s video about bullying. I would first like to say that I DO NOT support bullying or teasing. It is a terrible thing to do to another human being and it should stop immediately if it does happen. Now with that being said…

I haven’t had many experiences with this but I remember one time in elementary school when my friends and I teased this one girl. I honestly don’t remember when this started but my friends started picking on this girl in our class. I thought that it was fun at the time and I even told my sister to join in but she didn’t want to. We would tell her that she smelled. We would write notes and give them to her. Some of them even contained bad words that I didn’t understand. I could say that it was peer pressure that drove me to do these things but no one was forcing me to do them. I feel really terrible for what happened all those years ago. Eventually the girl we bullied was fed up with it and decided to tell her father about what we were doing. One day at school she came to our group and she said that I was being called to the Principal’s office along with the other girls. We thought that she was joking at first. When we went there, I thought that she was lenient on us, to be honest. We should have gotten more punishment but she just scolded us and that was it. We apologized to her. This was a catholic school, so thinking about it now, we should have been punished more. We really deserved it. I felt really bad afterwards and my mom yelled at me for doing such a thing. We even walked to school sometimes and her dad would be there. The next day I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t look at them. How awful she must have felt for us to make fun of her that way. To this day it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. What must have gone through our heads to make us do such a thing to a little girl. This was back when I lived in Singapore.

When I got to elementary school here in America my sister and I got teased a little because we were Asian. Nothing really bad happened. Middle school and high school were both uneventful. There were still days when I didn’t think I fit in but I never got bullied. For those being bullied and are reading this, I wish I had some advice to tell you that would help. I don’t know what you are going through but it will eventually get better. Everything usually does. Please have hope in better days because they will come. Remember that good friends will help and family is important too. For those thinking, “When will this end?”, please be patient. I know that these are only words and I don’t know what you are going through right now but please believe that times will get better. Grade school and high school days can be tough, but don’t ever lose yourself and who you are.

Those who are bullying others or teasing others, know that they are also people. Put yourself in their shoes for a change and think of how they feel. It is never easy to reflect on yourself and realize that what you are doing is wrong. I know that being a teenager is hard and that it is tough growing up. Please don’t take it out on other  people. Bullying is never the answer to your problems if you do have them. Taking control of someone else’s life and making their lives miserable at school is a terrible way of treating someone. So if you are bullying someone, please think about what you are doing and stop right now. It could affect that person psychologically and that could scar them for life. Bullying is not all fun and games. It might seem as though it is, but it really does get to some people.

Now there are many types of bullying and I’m sure it could happen in places other than a school but that is the most common place I know of. In my experience bullying is not as common in college. I don’t hear many stories of students being bullied in college. The only college “bullying” I hear about is the hazing they do at frats and sororities which I think is completely ridiculous. The things kids do nowadays for initiation is outrageous. I don’t know why they would think that dangerous activities during initiation are necessary. Earlier this year in one Cornell frat, initiates were given large amounts of alcohol and stripped naked. One of the students died of alcohol poisoning. You hear these stories time and time again. When will it stop?

Feel free to comment down below if you have any experiences of bullying or witnessed it. How did you feel? If you witnessed it, did you do anything about it?

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