Musicals Past and Present


I grew up with Mary Poppins, The King and I, Singing in the Rain and Shirley Temple. I really enjoyed watching those movies and to this day remain my favorites when it comes to musicals. Musicals nowadays are not as good as what we had back then. I’m glad my parents were into those movies because my sister and I got to watch a lot of them. They contained the magic of what a musical should have. Now I know that times change and movies can’t stay the same forever, but these movies had something. It was so natural when they started singing. Perhaps it was the innocence those characters had. Maybe it was the style of the movie and the century in which they were made. Modern musicals like High School Musical are a bit awkward when they start singing. It just doesn’t look right and doesn’t evoke the same feelings. The only “musical” I would watch again is Pitch Perfect, and even then I don’t think it measures up to the oldies. I’m sounding a bit harsh aren’t I? I don’t know. I’m just attached to the past I guess. It’s funny because I wasn’t even born in that era.

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