Review: Les Miserables

I went to see this film with my sister and her husband a couple months ago earlier this year. I’ve been wanting to see this film since I saw the trailer for it. The only version of this movie I’ve seen was the PBS version which wasn’t fantastic. The movie was amazing. For those of you who don’t know the story, it follows the life of a man named Jean Valjean in the midst of the French Revolution. I cried multiple times during his movie especially during Anne Hathaway’s performance. I loved her in it. The performances by almost everyone in the cast was great with the exception of a couple of people. I was disappointed with Russell Crowe because his acting wasn’t as good as it was in his other movie roles. I think it might have been because he was concentrating on not messing up his singing. It’s not that he was out of tune. He just didn’t fit the part and it was utterly disappointing. I don’t know who they should have picked for the role but the should not have chosen Russell Crowe. Aside from him, I also thought Sacha Baron Cohen was not very good. It sounded like Borat in a musical. Other than that though, everyone was amazing. I would love to see the real thing on Broadway. That would really be awesome!

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  1. Akindele Yetunde says:

    Nice movie;very Educating


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