Review: Yellow Boots (Ice Adonis)

Ice Adonis

There’s nothing like staying up late to finish a tv show. My mom and I just finished this Korean Drama called “Yellow Boots” (“Ice Adonis”). You can view this show here at Yellow Boots (Ice Adonis)

I don’t want to give away anything but you might not want to read on if you don’t want to see potential spoilers. Actually, there are probably going to be spoilers so read at your own risk. I know not everyone who reads this blog is into Korean Dramas but I hope that those of you who do, enjoy this little review/summary about this show. Unlike some dramas I have seen, this moves at a pretty good pace. It has a total of 108 episodes but it doesn’t drag on like many I have seen in the past.


This show is very intense from the beginning. As with many dramas, this is about revenge. A woman (Yeon Hwa) is framed for the murder of her fiancé’s (Yoon Jae) sister (Yoon Hee). The show starts with her in jail serving her sentence. She planned to escape that day with the help of her friend who had also been in jail with her but had been released earlier. She confronts the woman (Yoo Ra) who framed her who is about to marry her former fiancé. As you can see, this drama starts out intense from episode one. This is how this drama is. Every episode is full of suspense and heavy drama. It’s really terrible what happens to the main character. I felt for her and wanted her to succeed in her revenge from the very beginning. Of course, in real life, revenge won’t ever get you true happiness. However, since this is just a show, I can’t help but cheer her on. I had this sense of satisfaction every time she got her way.


The events that take place in the drama focuses on Yoo Ra’s obsession with Yoon Jae. In the show you find out that they had known each other since they were little and since then she had been enamored by him. When Yoon Jae decides to get a girlfriend Yoo Ra immediately hates her because she wants him for herself. Meanwhile, Yoo Ra has more problems at home with her stepmother, whom she hates, and her stepmother’s daughter, Yeon Hwa. She feels smothered by them and doesn’t want anything to do with them. She even begs her grandmother to get her an apartment so she doesn’t have to see her stepmother. She goes to great lengths to avoid Yeon Hwa and doesn’t want to be associated with her at work. Little does she know that Yeon Hwa is dating Yoon Jae. Once Yoo Ra finds out about their relationship, this is where it all begins. Yoo Ra is ruthless and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. With one unfortunate accident, where she accidentally hits Yoon Hee with her car, she gets an opportunity to make Yeon Hwa disappear for good. On that fateful night, Yeon Hwa happens to also be at the scene of the crime and she tries to desperately get help so Yoon Hee may be saved. She, however, dies in the hospital because of Yoo Ra. Yoo Ra frames Yeon Hwa for her death and with the help of her judge father and a corrupt cop, Yeon Hwa is sent to jail for 3 years. As I mentioned before, Yeon Hwa tries to escape, and from my understanding, get’s put back to jail, for an extended amount of time.


All throughout this drama, Yeon Hwa struggles to clear her name. With the help of Zorba she finds the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s complicated to explain who Zorba is in the show. It would probably take all day to describe every detail that happened in Yellow Boots. So, I’ll just say that he is the one who helped with her revenge and also gave her hope while she was in prison. Several episodes into the drama, she finally finds out who Zorba is, however, it is unclear whether they will end up together in the end. I have always been hoping for Yeon Hwa and Zorba to end up together but the writers ended up killing him off in the process of saving Yeon Hwa’s son. That was really upsetting to me. He did everything for her and it seemed as though she had finally fallen in love with him. But I guess some fans wanted Yoon Jae to finally end up together with her. In the last episode though, she doesn’t end up with anyone and the last scene shows her riding her bike. She is smiling and looking up at the sky. She takes out a postcard and walks towards a mailbox to mail it. Then she looks up at the sky and smiles. At this point you know she still has Zorba in her heart and she is sending this message to him. It is a bittersweet ending and I wish that Zorba would have lived. But since Yeon Hwa  and Yoon Jae have a son, some fans still wanted her to end up with Yoon Jae.


As for the title of the show, I don’t know why it is called Yellow Boots. The other title Ice Adonis has a more interesting and more fitting meaning to it. Apparently, according to the drama, the flower withstands the harsh weather and survives no matter what happens to it. This is just like the character in the show. No matter how broken she is and how much she has lost, she still has the strength and courage to stand up to reveal the truth. And the help of friends and family she finally finds peace.


One development in the show that I found really cute was the budding relationship between Soo Ae and Tae Il. They’re such a cute couple.



  1. Am currentlly. Watching this movie, OMG how can Yoo Ra be soo wicked, it shows what length people can go to achieve their evil behaviour, jealousy and all, from your review Zooba is the New found brother..this is sooo exciting its taken all my time for 2days now, and I only have Seasons 1&2. THANK YOU.. Good Movie, Real Drama, Love it!!


  2. Pls, we need the season 3 in Nigeria. we can only get up to season 2 which consists episode 1 to 30, somebody pls help with the rest. Or where can we download the drama from. Thanks!


  3. I really love this Korean Drama:Yellow Boots.I really feel sorry for Yeon Hwa she is a strong lady•i just finished watching season 4,am waiting for season 5 love u Guz***


  4. a vry big tnk u 2 whoever posted dis article u eased my mind abt wat was going 2 happen. but pls is there a season 5 of dis movie cos i have watched 3 n 4 nd it has stl nt ended


  5. This drama yellow boots really make sense at first it was confusing but later it turn enjoying when will the season 5 be out I can’t wait to watch it.oops guys


  6. Please, why is it taking a long time for the season 5 to be out? Its like its taking eternity. Please let it come out, the movie has ended in other parts of the world. What’s delaying it?


  7. Please, why is it taking a long time for the season 5 to be out? Its like its taking eternity. Please let it come out, the movie has ended in other parts of the world. What’s delaying it?


  8. Wow! Really interesting movie that teaches one to trust people and that whatever u do comes to you, either good or bad.

    But I can’t to see the end. When will season 5 be out.


  9. Wow! Really interesting movie that teaches
    one not to trust people and that whatever u do
    comes to you, either good or bad.
    But I wait can’t to see the end. When will season
    5 be out.


  10. Seasons 5 nd 6 are out in Nigeria. Bt men still waitin for season 7. I’m abt to die of curiousity. What an interesting movie


  11. Its reaIIy sad that yoon jae won’t end up with yeon hwa..the fact that she went to prison doesn’t mean that Yoon Jae has been Iiving his Iife with amony..he Iive to Iove her throughout the her time in prison tiII she was out..the fauIt aIso came from Yoon Hwa bcos she aIways keep to herseIf and her pride won’t Iet her receive her from Her Iove(Yoon Jae)..why wouId kang hoId the evidence to himseIf when he has discover it was a framed work? He too has hidden and dirty agenda..I just wish they end up together..


  12. Pls wen wil season 7 b out. I really cant wait to watch it. Or is it out?. Honestly dis movie is superb bt wudnt lyk it if ha yoon jae nd seol yeon hwa didn’t get married at d end cos no mata wat one cant forget his or her first love. Nd I hope she gets to knw her son is not


  13. please you people are keeping me in suspence……… do i get season 7 of yellow boots plssssss, cant wait to know how it ends.


  14. Thanks for the review. Its a nice drama and im glad at the end the devil ones see the result of their action and justice is served but the beginning of the movie was TERRIBLE !!! I couldnt stand what yoo Ra was doing and put so much stress on me! And anyway i just cant belive zorba dies! I hated yoon jae he didnt deserve yeon hwa’s love but zorba did a lot for her and it was unfair !


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