Korean Dramas

This is how my mom and I spend our time at home. Korean dramas are entertaining. No matter how unbelievable they may be, I still like watching them. It never ceases to amuse me how much they use medical conditions to explain something or how many times someone is “cured” of a disease but never say how. They just mysteriously get cured and are all better. In most of these shows, the man is the “MAN” and woman is the “WOMAN.” The roles are very traditional. There’s also a lot of yelling and hitting which I sometimes find a little too violent for my taste. The scenes in korean dramas tend to be overly dramatic, like dramas tend to be. Love scenes are corny and the guy or girl typically act like fools for their love. I find it cute. It’s the endearing quality that these dramas have. That’s what I love most about Korean dramas. If true love exists anywhere, it’s in Korean dramas. I’m watching a drama right now called Ice Adonis and to see this one guy in there do anything in his power to protect and help the woman he loves makes me want to be that girl. But of course, it’s all fantasy right? ūüėČ

But if you really do want to get into Korean dramas but don’t want to see lovey-dovey kissy scenes then watch the historical dramas. They are really good. Full of action in the midst of drama. I recommend,¬†Iljimae,¬†Jumong,¬†Painter of the Wind,¬†Jewel in the Palace,¬†The Great Queen Seondeok,¬†Sungkyunkwan Scandal,¬†The Princess’s Man and Moon that Embraces the Sun. As for my all time favorites: Goong, Coffee Prince, Gourmet, Rooftop Prince and Cheongdam-dong Alice.

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  1. Main site for the BBC’s drama series including interviews with actors and producers, quizzes, competitions and behind the scenes information.


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