What is Art?

What is art? No really, what is it? Is it that Vincent van Gogh painting you see plastered everywhere in every corridor in schools? Or is it the chalk drawings you see on sidewalks done by amateurs? Some would tell you that art is only art if it is done right. They would say that art is only art if it looked like it took effort to do. Or that art is only art if done by the right people….professionals….those who went to school for it. Art shows up in many forms, not only in drawings, but in sculptures, photographs. Art is everywhere. I believe that anyone can create a piece of art. But where do you draw the line between what is and what isn’t? It is hard to tell really. But it is not effort that makes art what it is in some cases. It is the feeling and the meaning behind that piece that sometimes defines it as art and rightfully so. What do you think?

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  1. Xraypics says:

    Yeah, when does a beautiful piece of craft-work become art. When does something that is not beautiful but causes you to be revulsed become art?



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