Geeky/Nerdy Friends

I remember the first anime I fell in love with, Fullmetal Alchemist. I saw an episode where Lust, one of the Homunculus, was standing in the woods speaking to another character. It was interesting and I got hooked with just one episode. I then felt compelled to watch the first episode. Since then I’ve been a fan of anime tv shows and movies. It was around that time that I also became a fan of video games. One great thing about hobbies is talking about them and sharing what you like or didn’t like with other people. It’s sometimes hard to find non-internet friends with whom to share these things with. I’m also a crafter and I barely have friends who are crafters. Actually I don’t have any friends who are crafters in the real world. I only have one or two friends who I can talk about anime and video games to. None of my girlfriends are into anime or video games. Many girls I know are into romantic comedies are other girly things. Not that liking girly things are bad, I’m not saying that. It’s just nice to have a friend who is into those same things and also a girl. And I’m talking “in real life” here. Most of the things I talk about with my girlfriends have to do with boys, school, clothes and gossip. I do enjoy gossip, but I would like to talk about other things as well. Not sure if any of you guys are experiencing the same thing but let me know in the comments (if you want to share).

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