YouTube’s Best Idea Yet


So I woke up in the middle of the night and what do I do? Go back to sleep? No, silly goose. I went on YouTube to check my messages and such. Nothing out of the ordinary really until I looked on the YouTube logo to see what appeared to be a CD image on the right side of the logo. I clicked on it and out pops out this ad on the YouTube collection.


Wow, what a convenient way to enjoy highlights of YouTube when there’s no internet connection. Well, now I know what to give my friends and family for birthdays and Christmas. I can’t believe YouTube hasn’t thought of this before. Brilliant idea indeed.


Though I wish I could have had an option to order videos of those who I subscribed to. But hey, the option “stuff people say” was pretty interesting so I decided to order that instead. I was a little disappointed not to get a tracking number. But that’s ok. YouTube told me that the 24,712 Betamax tapes were going to arrive in 32 years. Quite a long wait…but so worth it.


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