Wait a second, isn’t it Easter?


Ok so this morning when I woke up I turned on my computer, like I always do and checked my email…went on Facebook…you know all the normal things we do in the morning (lol). One strange thing I found though was that the Easter doodle on Google.com was not about Easter at all which I found quite odd. I mean it’s nice that Google wants to celebrate the birthday of Cezar Chavez, but come on Google….it’s Easter. You know Easter right? Hm…not sure what is going on there. At first when I saw the picture out of the corner of my eye I was confused as to why the tiny graphic did not look like Jesus. But I guess Google wants to change it up a bit. There are quite a handful of people who are confused about this as well, judging from the comments on various blogs on the internet.Well, I guess it’s happy birthday to you, Mr. Chavez…..and oh yeah…Happy Easter to everyone as well 🙂

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