Relationships and such

Relationships are tough and we’ve all been through them, be it friendships or intimate. They come and go. Even when we’re really careful, some eventually come to an end before we know what is even happening. What is really important, though, is keeping a positive outlook on things. Having a different perspective helps a lot. Until recently I’ve had a difficult time being alone and being happy with everything in life and staying happy. I used to find happiness in silly materialistic things and then it would fade. But nowadays I’ve changed how I feel about being alone. It’s a time to think about what is really important to…friends, family, school, career. I’ve always thought that things happen for a reason and I know some people hate to hear that phrase. But it’s been this phrase that’s keeping me together. For those of you who actually read this, leave me a comment about your thoughts on this subject. I’d like to hear what you think about this.

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