Oh HigherOne…

The school I went to for nursing partnered with a bank called HigherOne. Not sure if any of you guys have heard of this but it’s a pretty crappy card to say the least. Granted I should have been smarter when I started using the card. I should have read the fine print and all the rules. I was being an idiot and next time will not fall victim to card fees in the future. I was so used to my wonderful PNC bank that I thought that this was the same thing. I realize now that thinking that way will only get me into trouble. There is monthly fee of $3.95 if you do not have at least $100 in the card. And I believe I was also charged for not using the account for several months. I really dislike this bank and will never return in the future. I have since cancelled or closed my account. I just received a notification email for my cancellation. However, I also received an email for a replacement card that I did not order. What’s going on HigherOne? Desperate to get me back already. I just cancelled my card :/ Hopefully I will not be charged for anything this time. I will be going to my school instead of dealing with their customer service yet again. I don’t want them sending me another card. Then I will have three that I don’t want. So, what to take away from this entry….READ. (lol)

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