Technology and what it has done for us…

Technology definitely has come a long way since I was little. From the internet to cellphones to the cars we drive. I remember the last cellphone my dad had was one of those large phones with an antenna. I was so excited that we had one of those things back then. Technology has helped us a lot but also harming us in a way. Now don’t get me wrong. I am all for innovation and new technologies. I love it when it makes life easier, more convenient and most importantly, safer. However, I can’t help but think that technology is also helping us not think for ourselves. More and more now I see technology helping people think. In healthcare facilities, for example, they have programs that help nurses and doctors think and make decisions about care for their patients. The goal is to provide safe care and to reduce errors. Now I know that this is all for the betterment of patient care but it also takes away the natural thinking process. I’m not bashing it at all and I haven’t had that much experience with decision-making systems in the hospital. This is just a thought of mine of this type of technology.

Aside from helping use think and make decisions, technology has also made us so much lazier. I know I’m stating the obvious here. But anyway…if you have any comments to what I’ve said please feel free to, well, comment 😛

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