Brazilian doctor kills patients

I’ve made it a habit lately to visit CNN. I didn’t use to read the news but it’s always nice to be informed of what is going on around me. I felt compelled to write about an article I read about a Brazilian doctor who kills patients to free up beds. She described the patients as “clutter”. As much as I would like to curse on this blog because of how horrible I think she is, I’m going to refrain from doing so to keep this clean. What gives her the right to decide when her patients die. It just makes me so mad that people think that they can make such a decision for you. And the doctors and other healthcare professionals she ordered around are no better. I cannot believe and cannot even imagine what thought or idea can go through someone’s mind for them to do this to another human being. There is no possible reasoning that would make sense. Not even one. She pleaded not guilty??? Are you freaking kidding me! There’s so much evidence against her. There is no way she is going to get out of this one. And this started way back in 2006. I can’t even think about how many patients they have killed. And not only that, she is not the only one doing this. It’s infuriating. It really is 😦 And calling people “clutter”?!?!? That is just unacceptable. Those were people, human lives. Those people were family to others. Moms, dads…I mean, come on. This doctor has a black heart and this has to stop happening.

Here is the article I read for those who want to read it: Brazilian doctor killed 7 patients to free up beds

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