Plants vs. Zombies!!

I know I haven’t made a post in a while. I’ve been busy with tutorials and what not. I also started playing Plants vs. Zombies. At first, I had seen a review for this game on Classic Game Room (on YouTube) and I just thought that it was silly. Once you start playing it though, it’s actually pretty good. It’s a really fun game and it’s only $9.99. For a cheap game, you’re getting more than what you paid for in my opinion. So if you have a steam account or don’t have a steam account you should definitely check this out. It’s a must have in your steam collection. If you don’t have steam, it’s really easy to sign up.

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  1. Julian says:

    Plants vs Zombies on the iPhone is awesome!! 😀


    1. jellybean83 says:

      I saw some footage of that on the iPad too. It’s so cool. I’ve been looking for other games like that.


  2. Yep, the iPhone version is awesome, and only $2.99. That’s the version I play, but I have played the PC version and the higher resolution graphics are great! Feel free to add me on Steam! I’m on there quite a bit. My Community ID is Whirlspell.


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