GamesRadar Feature!!

Just recently I had done an interview with Tyler Nagata, an Editor for GamesRadar. I had sent him my work and shortly after, sent me a message on my YouTube account. I was astonished and at first I didn’t know if I was contacted by the right person. I was shocked by it and I decided to email back. He sent me some questions by email and the rest is history. I’m so glad that he decided to feature me on their game site. Click here for the article. This situation is surreal in a way because I had never in a million years think that I would be interviewed by a very successful gaming site. It’s an amazing opportunity and this really helps me get noticed by other crafters and gamers out there.

6 thoughts on “GamesRadar Feature!!

  • Hello, I’ve read the article about you and your Sackboy’s at GameRadar and I just wanted to say, that they are real– no.. ultra cute.

    High five,



  • I’m sure I’ve already said it many times, but CONGRATULATIONS again!! ^__^

    I know I pretty much always tell you the same. But I sincerely believe you deserve all this praise and so much more! πŸ™‚

    To be honest, from the very first time I saw that GamesRadar picture I’ve always thought it was really cute! And I’m not talking about the ICO doll only. I think you look overly pretty on it! ^__^ You almost overshadowed the ICO doll! Haha πŸ˜›


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