Games I Want…

I’ve been on a very long hiatus when it comes to gaming. Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about new games coming up including Super Scribblenauts and Final Fantasy XIII. I really like Scribblenauts. Even though there are some glitches in it, it is still a really fun game. I love how you can use almost anything to your advantage.

Final Fantasy XIII is really different from the other FF games from what I’ve heard. I’m really interested in trying these two games out. However, I’m without a 360 at the moment and I need to get one.

I should also probably invest in a PS3 as well since they’re coming out with good games for it. I’ve seen DSP’s gameplay on YouTube for Heavy Rain. It’s a really interesting concept and I’m truly impressed with the way it’s set up. The story is not very complicated but it is very engaging. Even if you’re just watching someone play it, you get attached to the characters. Character development is really well done and you go through a range of emotions with this one.

I’d like to know what you guys are looking forward to playing this year. Please leave a comment if you’d like =)

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  1. Vitu says:

    Heavy Rain is a really good game, totally worth playing! Try getting no spoilers at all, though! It would ruin your gameplay. And i’m really looking foward FF13 too! πŸ™‚


  2. aelphaeis says:

    AWESOME! I’m SO looking forward to ALL these 3 games you’re mentioning here!

    I also have Scribblenauts and it’s CRAZY FUN! Like you say, you can do pretty much ANYTHING in that game! It’s really addicting, I’m always coming up with new crazy words (in different languages, even…lol) to see what different effects they may have within the game πŸ˜› And yeah, it’s kinda glitchy, but it’s still lots of fun! Hopefully they’ll fix most glitches for the sequel πŸ™‚

    You know, I was just looking at my copy of it right now and I noticed it supports Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Do you have a Scribblenauts Friend Code? Maybe we could play or something πŸ˜› Although I’m not sure what purpose the N.W.F.C. serves in that game, I still haven’t tried going online with it πŸ˜› Have you?

    As for FINAL FANTASY XIII…well, what can I say? It has AWESOMENESS written all over it! πŸ˜› I mean, it’s FINAL FANTASY! You CAN’T go wrong with it! It may be different from other games in the series, I’m not sure, I haven’t played it yet, either πŸ˜› But, I think far from it being disappointing, it’s actually a GOOD thing! Every FF game is different and special and awesome in its own, unique way! πŸ˜€ Though in my opinion they all share a distinct feeling that makes you think or say stuff like: “Wow, this is VERY different from the previous games, but it IS FINAL FANTASY, no doubt.” You know, things like the Chocobos, the Summons (or Aeons, Espers, whatever they’re called in each game), the spells, that one character who ALWAYS goes by the name “Cid”, and stuff like that, they all comprise that FF feeling πŸ™‚

    I haven’t watched much of Heavy Rain ’cause I’m trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible πŸ˜› But I know it’s a GREAT game, it’s definitely one of the games I’ll try to get soon after I get a PS3 πŸ™‚

    You should see my wishlist, I have SO MANY games in there! Haha πŸ˜›

    BTW, I almost forgot. I very recently started my own blog here, too. However, I’m REALLY a beginner at this, so please bear with me πŸ˜› If you’d like, you can check it out at It DOES look crappy, though πŸ˜›


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