I’ve been obsessed with Korean dramas lately. I have recently finished “The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince” It is such a great love story. “Love Story In Harvard” is also very, very good. If you are into asian dramas or dramas in general, you should check those two shows out.

“The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince” is light-hearted and a comedy/love story of some sort. You will definitely find yourself laughing when you watch it. “Love Story In Harvard” is a little more serious than the Coffee Prince. Half of the story takes place in the US and the other half in Korea. It is a love story between a law student and a medical student.

Also, “I Love You Betty La Fea” is amazing. Some of you might know it as “Ugly Betty”. I watched the Filipino version but it was originally created in Colombia and entitled “Yo Soy Betty, La Fea”. Of course, with a lot of these dramas, it starts off being funny, but then later making you cry. This will definitely make you laugh and cry. It’s a beautiful story. I highly recommend it!

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  1. Aelphaeis says:

    Well, come to think of it, I did watch “Yo Soy Betty, La Fea”, believe it or not, although I don’t remember if I watched the whole thing until the end, but I KNOW I watched a lot of it… which is weird actually, because I hardly ever watch something like that. But back then everyone watched it, it was a HUGE success. I remember it was very funny too :).
    There were many versions in other countries but I hear people all the time saying that the original Colombian version was better.

    There’s also a channel here that sometimes broadcasts Korean dramas, I haven’t watched much of those, only a little. I’ll try and remember their names to see if you know them, let’s see… when it begins they show the title in Korean but I can’t read that of course lol. There are two, I think. One is translated as “Sonata de Invierno” (Winter Sonata) and the other one is “Otoño en mi Corazón” (Autumn in my Heart)·

    I have watched a bit more of “Winter Sonata” because I like to look at the snowy landscapes where most of it takes place lol.


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