Video Critique

I just watched a video showing  guys how to turn their girlfriends into gamers. I was intrigued and I started watching it because I wanted to see what suggestions this girl had. Her first tip was for guys to cater to the girl’s personality, which is right. However, I somewhat disagree with the rest of the tips.

Her suggestion to slowly reel girls into gaming with games that aren’t really that great to begin with, will not get her to play. Suggesting games like Mario Party 8 and UNO (Come on. Just buy the cards). The other games she suggested were good. Geometry Wars, Guitar Hero 3, Super Smash Bros Brawl and WoW are all good suggestions.

Cute characters don’t always get girls to play. It will get boring after a while. Try to get her to play Final Fantasy. That would be an awesome game to start with. RPGs as she suggested are good and so are puzzle games.

Her last tip, in my opinion, is completely ridiculous. She suggested that guys let the girl win. That’s not going to make the girl feel better about her gaming skills. If she decides to play with other guy friends or other girls, she’s going to lose. That’s going to make her not want to play anymore. Letting her win will not make her into a better gamer at all.

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