Rude Customers

I was grocery shopping at one of the Asian stores near my house and I finally tried a Taro Bubble tea. I’ve heard that it tastes really good, but I just hadn’t bought one. I’ve always gotten Chai Tea and the Chocolate milk bobas. When I took a sip of it, it reminded me of something I’ve had before. I was thinking to myself, “Maybe I HAVE tasted this before…” The reason why I thought this was because the first time I had a boba tea was when I was living in Singapore. I remembered always ordering the purple-colored boba tea.
Anyways…I tasted it and it was great. One of the best bobas I have ever tasted!! I will definitely make it one of my regular bobas 🙂

On a totally different subject, there was a really rude gentleman in the store today. I was standing in line and the woman and her friend were obviously having trouble with their purchase. I couldn’t understand them because they were speaking in another language. The guy looked around for the closest store employee and told him that they should open another cash register because the line was getting long. When that didn’t work, he told the cashier the same thing (He repeated his complaint multiple times). Honestly, he should have gone to another line, because the other registers were open. Geez -___- Some people are just so difficult to deal with. Another guy who was at the register next to us seemed fed up with the rude man’s behavior that he let him cut in front of him so he would stop complaining.

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