Christmas is vastly approaching even though it’s only August. Things are so much jollier during the Christmas season. People are much nicer to each other. You hear Christmas songs on the radio. People have smiles on their faces. I have a feeling of satisfaction and happiness within me. These are the days I get nostalgic, especially months before Christmas. I think of the times my sister and I were younger. I remember the games we used to play in elementary school. I’m reminded of how things were much simpler back then. People used to rely on each others’ company to have fun. There was no such talk of YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter in school.

But anyways…Those are my thoughts. How about you?

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  1. Mersida says:

    I agree with you. I looo-ooo–ve Christmas season. Its so jolly and fun! And it is true, people are nicer to each other too. Maybe because they don’t want Santa to see them being naughty. ha ha ha – ho ho ho 🙂


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